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How to apply and terms

1./ Click on the Facebook icon and ask to join to our closed group for the Forest Doggy Daycare!

You need this because this is where you will be able to book days for your dog. This is also where we will communicate in case of cancellation and you will find videos and photos of your doggo. If you do not have a Facebook account and would not like to register, call me and we can find you an alternative way to book and communicate!

2./ Contact me through the website, on Facebook or on phone and we will find a time for a personal meet up with you and your dog. This will take only 20 minutes, so we can get to know each other and to see if your dog can fit our group.

3./ Every week there is a booking post in the Facebook group inserted above, you only have to comment your dogs name and the chosen days to book! 


*We take in maximum 15 dogs / day, apply in time so you do not miss out! This rule serves the well-being of the dogs and we made it by the experience of the past years. This way we have more personal attention on each dog, the morale is better and the dogs are not overstimulated.


*Please let me know if you will not come, others would be happy for the place!

** If you cancel within 24 hours (earlier then 7:30 the previous day) you will have to pay the full price of the daycare, or in case you have a pass, I will write off one occasion (except if your dog gets sick)!

*** in case of extreme weather forecast we may cancel the daycare!

Terms of application:

* your dog has to have the vaccination against kennel cough!

** please note that if your dog has any allergies, I can not guarantee that he will not find any leftover treats in the grass!

*** if your dog has allergies, please bring treats that I can give her/ him!

**** when you bring your dog to the daycare, please skip his/her breakfast! From jumping around and running with a full belly, their guts can twist and that can cause serious health problems. Do not worry if your dogs eating rutine is twice a day, if it is broken once or twice a week it will not cause any problems!

***** for the first day please bring a photocopy of your dogs health record booklet (including his/ her datas and the pages with vaccination stamps)!

****** your dog has to wear a collar when you bring her/him to the daycare! Harnesses are not ideal as they can get tangled up in them while they play. This is a safety concern so I can grab your dog in case of emergency (which is a rare case, but it can occur)!

We will not take in dogs:

* who are aggressive or have strong defensive behaviour!

** females who are in heat!

*** in case your dog shows deviant symptoms (vomit, diarrhea etc.) please do not bring him/ her to the daycare! If we see any symptoms on your dog, we can call you to take the dog home as it is of high importance to avoid infections!

If you do not arrive on time (17:30) to pick up your dog, there is an extra charge of 1500 HUF/ 15 minutes!

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